Innovative Cooling Solutions for Baking Applications

Why Use a Chiller for Baking?


Reduce waste and maintain consistency with automation.

Producing dough depends upon consistent temperatures and water volume. When you depend upon a manual temperature reading or manually filling measuring devices, accuracy is compromised, reducing the quality of the product.

One Unit and Small Footprint

Space in the kitchen is at a premium and multiple pieces of equipment produce heat, making the conditions unfavorable for employees and product.

Efficiently moving employees from station to station helps provide consistent results and faster output of your product.

GDTS Kool Water Dispenser

Baking chiller solutions from GDTS can be customized to meet your needs. Download the Kool Water Dispenser spec sheet

Download the Kool Water Dispenser Spec Sheet (PDF)

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Why Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions?

GDTS cares about your product quality.

Increase productivity, quality, and consistency with our versatile and easy-to-use Kool Water Dispenser. Get exact levels of temperature-controlled water for up to four preprogrammed recipes and eliminate manually filling containers and monitoring water temperatures.

High Quality Production

The KoolWater Dispenser dispenses recipe-specific quantities of water at a consistent pre-set temperature in under 6 minutes. It is designed to handle a wide range of incoming cold and hot water temperatures from 40-140°F, resulting in the colder water necessary for baking and designed for high ambient temperatures.

Easy Operation and Installation

The GDTS chiller is plug and play with existing hot and cold water supply. Once set-up, press one button to dispense water at recipe-specific volume and temperature.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Designed and built for high reliability and uptime, the Kool Water dispenser eliminates the  guesswork of temperature and volume in addition to reducing production prep time and product waste due to incorrect water temperature or volume.

Find A Chiller Specifically for Your Application

GDTS provides custom solutions tailored to your baking application needs. Our chillers are also backed by 18-month parts and labor warranties and maintenance plans, as well as 24/7 technical service and support and next day parts.

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