Seasonal Maintenance


Seasonal Checklist:


  • Check concentrations of glycol (see fluid chart below)*
  • Check fluid level, if applicable
  • Check that the reservoir and fluid are free of debris or contamination


  • Ensure crankcase heaters are operating*
  • Check & clean condenser(s) and fan(s)
  • Check compressor AMPs (compared to name plate)


  • Check the pump(s) for leaks
  • Check pump motor(s) AMPs (compared to name plate)
  • Look over piping for any cracks or leaks*


  • Check that sealed electrical boxes are adequately sealed
  • For outdoor units, make sure Ebox heater is operating in order to keep components that need heat to run properly are protected*
  • Check compressor, pump and fan contactors (replace if needed)
  • Check fuses and replace as needed


  • Inspect, clean or replace

Proper Flow & Pressure

  • Most chillers are equipped with a pressure gauge

If you have any questions about how to determine adequate flow and pressure, please call our Service Technicians at 800-968-5665 ext 500.

*These checks are especially important leading into the winter months to prevent freezing in your system