Glen Dimplex Deutschland GmbH, also a subsidiary of the Glen Dimplex Group, manufacturers the Riedel brand chiller. With its headquarters in Kulmbach, Germany, Glen Dimplex Deutschland designs precision cooling systems, specifically for laser systems.
Riedel chillers are ideal for all types of laser systems. Lasers with a capacity up to 40kW can be constantly cooled at the source of the laser beam within applications.
Riedel cooling systems can comprise many different cooling circuits for the following applications:

  • Gas lasers (CO2-lasers)
  • Solid-state lasers (fiber lasers or disc lasers)

There is a huge range of requirements in terms of material specifications, required refrigeration capacity and accuracy (temperature, volume flow, water pressure) of the water circuit depending on the laser and the application. That’s why Riedel chillers for lasers are always specifically designed with the application in mind. Riedel chillers are designed as standard series, custom solutions, OEM-specific and energy-saving systems. Please find a local representative or complete an RFQ for more information.