Looking for a process cooling loop to be integrated within your end-product or to be sold alongside your offering? Need assurance that this piece will have the quality and consistency that your brand is known for? Look no further. Let Dimplex Thermal Solutions (DTS) handle all aspects of the project, from specification and design, to development and prototyping, to certification and testing, to reliable and timely delivery.

Customer relationships are important to DTS. Our goal is to understand customer application needs so machines or processes are met with the best cooling solution. We have exceeded expectations with OEMs since our inception in 1952.

All cooling units undergo thorough testing in an environment which reflects the exact environmental conditions the equipment will face in the field. The test conditions can simulate extreme ambient temperatures — precisely tuned to reflect the exact environmental conditions the equipment will face in its subsequent operation. As life cycle costs (LCC) are a key consideration in modern production businesses, we seek to achieve optimum energy efficiency in all our developments.

Chillers can be delivered directly to your production facility, through a designated logistics company to the end user, or in a KANBAN system. Depend on DTS’ experience to make integration into your processes easy.