Designed for Growth

Self-contained  individual modules that combine for desired cooling capacity

The P Series is a pressurized closed loop system featuring an oxygen-free system that prevents evaporation and biological growth in water-only systems. This limits acid build-up to extend coolant life for water-glycol systems. This system is also self-contained with its own tank, pump and header piping to be a scalable system.  The control system’s design permits a single module to operate as a stand-alone chiller with the ability to add modules and a master controller as cooling capacity needs grow, which makes it ideal to support N+1 system designs. In the 40 tons and larger, dual refrigeration circuits are available in each module for improved uptime through component redundancy. Its energy efficient controls automatically match system cooling output to part-load demand. With its pressurized system, scalability and redundant design capabilities, the P Series offers more for your total cost of ownership. 


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