Protect your capital equipment.

Dimplex Thermal Solutions has provided plastic processing chillers to thousands of customers for decades. Plastic molds and rails are susceptible to sweating when the chilled water loop is too cold – resulting in spots or deformed parts. DTS chillers will satisfy all of your requirements with reliable temperature stability so your product quality is not compromised.

Do not neglect cooling.

For a large amount of injection molding jobs, cooling is approximately 95% of the cycle time. This means that while your application could be operating, it is in a cooling cycle until it can be functional again. The cooling stage starts at the end of the first stage of injection, while the rest of the molding cycle (pack, hold, cooling, mold open, and mold close) is cooling time. So if cooling is the greatest portion of time of the cycle, don’t overlook this critical aspect and lose an enormous percentage of profit as a result. Turn to DTS for your cooling solutions.

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