Your cost of downtime is important to us. You need a partner who understands thermal management (both heating and cooling processes) to help develop a solution that fits your application. Through our world-respected KOOLANT KOOLERS and RIEDEL chiller brands, we provide thermal management system solutions tailored to maintain your production uptime with quality output.
Our team of engineers has worked with critical processes for more than 60 years, with over 100,000 of our chillers installed globally. Our chillers will protect your valuable processing equipment beyond the capabilities of a water cooling tower, eliminating periods of high rejection rates or equipment shutdowns due to unstable temperatures. Though just a fraction of the total cost of your system, our chiller is the key to maintaining the reliability of your process equipment for years to come.

Dairy Applications
Good, cold milk is only achieved through proper milk collection and cooling, which accounts for 30% of milk processing costs. The quality of the milk is critically affected by the cooling time it takes to reduce the temperature of raw milk to 38 degrees F within a couple of hours of harvesting. From pre-cooling milk to the pasteurization process, high efficiency indirect and direct cooling can be achieved in a few ways with our robust KOOLANT KOOLERS products heat exchangers and chillers. Our reliable chillers have been designed for harsh environments especially when precise temperature control is critical. Our designs feature variable speed capacity systems and intelligent controls to enhance performance and achieve high energy efficiency.

Wine & Beer Applications
Achieving low temperatures quickly and consistently ensures the perfect pour every time. Whether you need cooling for brite tanks, jacket fermentation tanks, two stage cooling, wort/cooler, cold neck cooling, storage rooms or crash cooling, our KOOLANT KOOLERS Water-Glycol Chillers exceed expectations for dependability and durability. These chillers can achieve cooling fluids as low as -20 degrees F, as well as options such as modular designs for growth, multiple compressors, redundant designs for up to 100% uptime, heated loops, and remote monitoring capabilities.

Baking Applications
Whether you are baking bread or mixing pizza crust, inadequate cooling results in lost dough due to an inconsistent and low quality product. Cooling and heating are integral components to the baking process, which means relying on an experienced partner who understands thermal management in bakery applications is an essential ingredient. KOOLANT KOOLERS Chillers offer options including space-saving footprints, stainless steel exteriors and interiors, high ambient temperature up to 135 degrees F, redundant designs for close to 100% uptime, heater packages, potable water designs and custom-designed cooling tunnels.

Processing and Packaging Applications
Food processing and food packaging applications require reliable indirect cooling equipment to maintain precise and reliable temperature control. Indirect cooling involves cooling a product through a heat exchanger, which can be a jacketed tank, plate and frame, tube in tube or other types of heat exchangers. Typically, cold water/propylene glycol flows through one side of the exchanger and the product is cooled on the other side.
Finding the best cooling solution to remove the heat from intensifier pumps, high flow pumps, jacketed vessels, meat massagers, waterjet cutting, or brine injection processes is the cornerstone to reducing downtime, increasing cycle time, and providing high-quality end products. KOOLANT KOOLERS Chillers are designed with durable components to withstand high temperatures and harsh conditions and are custom-fit to your specific application needs.
Several cooling capacities are available from 1/8 ton to 100s of tons, with our larger scale modular designs that are built for growth and can include redundancy for increased efficiency and less downtime. The closed-loop, self-contained units offer flow-through designs that are washdown compatible.

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