At Dimplex Thermal Solutions (DTS), we design and manufacture a wide variety of chillers. These chillers support some of the harshest and most demanding industrial processes and can provide precision accuracy to facilitate meticulous results.

Chillers are the unsung workhorses of industry, able to regulate temperature both accurately and steadily. To do so, they should be properly operated and serviced. Good maintenance, regular inspections, and cleanliness will help prolong the life of your machine and save you money on energy costs.

The Dimplex Thermal Solutions support team outlines the most important things you should do to keep your chiller operating in top condition to prevent problems and unwanted expenses down the line.


Whether the chiller is installed indoors or out, be sure the filters are not clogged with particles and debris. Blockage will only make your chiller work harder, which leads to more heat and undue wear.

If installed outside, check the chiller and its surroundings regularly for accumulated trash, landscaping debris, autumn leaves, and tree seeds such as cottonwood fluff. Check the filter and wash it regularly, especially if located in a high-pollution area.

Be sure to check and clean the condenser and fan as well. Unwanted particles and debris shorten the life of your chiller and threaten the process as a whole.

Monitor the Fluids

Make sure the fluids are properly balanced and calibrated with the recommended ratio of water, oil, and propylene glycol solutions.

Whatever you do, don’t use antifreeze from the hardware store! It contains silicates that can ruin pumps. If this happens, the system must be flushed and cleaned, which is very costly.

In addition to ensuring that the proper mix of fluid is being used, it is also important to check that the fluid and reservoir are free of debris and contaminants. Clogged piping can lead to costly downtime and unexpected repair costs.


The chiller needs to function with an ample air supply, so make sure it has space to “breathe.”

Indoor chillers should not be placed next to walls, nor should their surfaces serve as a convenient collection area. In addition to cleanliness, outdoor chillers should be free of trash and debris so nothing hampers the air flow.

Planned Maintenance

With proper care and maintenance, you can add up to 30 percent to the life of the chiller, not to mention the fact you will enjoy savings on energy and major repairs.

Maintenance checks should evaluate pumps for leaks, AMPs used by pumps, and piping overall for cracks and leaks. Electrical systems should also be checked to ensure that electrical boxes are adequately sealed, fuses are replaced as needed, and that compressors, pumps, and fan contactors are in good working order.

Assistance from Dimplex

Dimplex Thermal Solutions is willing to assist with your maintenance needs in a variety of ways.

We offer on-site training tailored to your chiller to help your facilities management team understand the equipment, troubleshoot problems, and perform routine maintenance.

DTS technicians can also be dispatched to perform routine maintenance before disaster strikes. Of course, our world-wide team of experts is also available to you in the case of an unexpected repair or issue.

Schedule an appointment with a service technician who is certified to work on our Koolent Koolers and Riedel brand chillers today or contact us to learn more about our on-site training program.

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