Leading manufacturers in a wide range of markets have depended upon Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) for its process chiller brands, Koolant Koolers and Riedel. These chiller designs feature technology for improving energy efficiency, decreasing costly water usage, maintaining critical production uptime and providing precise temperature control.

Medical applications depend on reliable chillers to avoid expensive downtime for the critical equipment. GDTS chillers with redundancy offer more than 99.96% uptime.

The food and beverage processing markets have exacting sanitation requirements, which GDTS answers with clean and efficient cooling designs that save energy and provide reliable and precise temperature control to protect the life span and efficiency of your equipment.

The machine tool market is hard on equipment, as industrial applications are exposed to oil, mist, dust, heat and 24/7 operation. Every application has its own requirements and not one chiller design can fit all needs. With its highly-skilled engineering expertise, GDTS has process cooling solutions for many specialty applications, such as, but not limited to:

  • Welding packages to protect from contaminants and deliver consistent temperatures in the rugged resistance welding environment
  • Laser chiller designs for precise temperature control and options for dual fluid circuits

GDTS is your ideal partner for industrial process cooling. With a vast customer base, the GDTS team of engineers has developed many unique applications perhaps not highlighted below. Please Request for Quote or Find a Local Rep to help GDTS to find the best cooling solution for your needs.


GDTS is the premier provider of OEM medical imaging fluid cooling equipment. This critical application requires the utmost in precise and reliable cooling solutions. GDTS provides companion solutions to accompany models of imaging equipment from every major manufacturer. Our modular designs allow for continual redundancy, protecting against expensive and life-threatening downtime. We also provide full support, from project concept through installation and the life of the machine. Engineered for use with MRI, CT, Pet and Linear Accelerators, GDTS’ chillers have a track record of 99.96% up-time. GDTS’ chillers allow quick and easy maintenance and repair as well as offering extensive service contracts to ensure maximum uptime.

Laser Equipment

GDTS offers well-known, proven designs to provide efficient water cooling specific for laser equipment. As the expert and preferred partner for many leading laser manufacturers, GDTS has developed custom and pre-engineered chillers with special features to ensure precise temperature control and absolute reliability.

Induction Heat

Induction heat processes require industrial chillers that work extra hard in dusty and high ambient environments. GDTS has developed strong process cooling solutions for heat treating, induction heat and plasma spray torches. When things heat up, GDTS is there to keep things cool and running smooth.


Top filtration OEMs look to GDTS to provide chiller designs that hold their own under a heavy work load and harsh environments. Through creating successful solutions for cutting tools, grinding and other applications that likely use a filtration process for hydraulics, GDTS stands alone with a solid reputation as the industry leader.


Welders generate extreme heat and often waste water resources. GDTS’ process chillers can reduce water usage, eliminate waste, and ultimately reduce water expenses. GDTS chillers and special welding packages are expertly designed to help protect welding applications from equipment failure and maximize production uptime.


Plastic Processing

GDTS has been a thought leader in the cooling systems for plastics processing for decades. Improper cooling can lead to spots or deformed parts, which wastes time, money and energy. Reliable process chillers from GDTS are specially engineered to minimize and eliminate sweating, allowing for consistent quality output and increased production in your unique process.


Food Processing and Packaging

Cooling is an essential requirement for many food and beverage processes and packaging applications, including wineries and breweries. Based upon years of industry experience, GDTS offers both standard and custom designs to meet numerous special application needs, such as low temperatures, redundancy and more. The result is increased efficiency, high quality products, and the taste of success.