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You can count on Dimplex Thermal Solutions to satisfy all your heat management needs.

When your industrial application requires heat removal to maintain precise and reliable temperature control, you can count on Dimplex Thermal Solutions to satisfy all your heat management needs.

Under our Koolant Koolers brand, DTS offers a diverse product portfolio of high-quality, standard and custom chillers. Our standard line of chillers with cooling capacities ranging from 1/8 ton to 20 tons are available for quick delivery. If your application requires a more precise cooling solution, we are also able to provide engineered product to meet your exact application needs including: controls, integration, footprint functionality, and temperature stability.


A Dimplex Thermal Solutions Chiller can increase productivity by providing constant temperature control of the cooling medium and consistent part-to-part productivity.

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Machine Tools, Metal Working

From cooling cutting fluid to hydraulic oils or city water, a DTS chiller will provide a cooling solution to increase production speed, accuracy, and repeatability of your precision equipment.

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WaterJet – Cutting water

A DTS chiller will maintain proper cutting water temperature and reduce costly pump rebuilds. A DTS closed loop chiller is environmentally friendly, reducing 70-80% of water consumption. Glycol rust inhibitor helps control water quality and prevents freezing in cold climates.

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By ensuring heat is removed with the highest level of efficiency, a DTS chiller will reduce the number of irregular or poor welds that result from over-heated, mushroomed tips or transformers.

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Plasma Spray, Heating Treating, Induction Heating

A Dimplex Thermal Solutions chiller is ideal for applications that require removal of concentrated heat from equipment such as heat treating, induction heating and plasma spray torches. Operating in dusty and high ambient environments at peak conditions, our chillers provide your capital investment is operational, and protected from the damaging effects of overheating.

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In all EDM processes (wire, conventional, and small hole) it is critical to maintain consistent dielectric temperature. Holding close tolerances requires consistent air, fluid and part temperatures. Dimplex Thermal Solutions offers a complete line of replacement chillers capable of maintaining tight tolerances for all your EDM applications.

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