Customer service is outstanding and very knowledgeable.

Jhon V.
Proton Power, Inc.

I appreciate all of your efforts. I can say with little hesitation that your service department was a great source of info and went the extra mile getting us the info and testing directions that we needed. Thanks for your quick responses.

Rich E.

Your chiller design is excellent. Everyone is very impressed with the quality and design (easy maintenance).

Gary H.

We have some of your units in service for several years and like your reliable and trouble free product.

Velan Inc.

The high profile of these products and the partnership we have forged make this a natural to showcase for the upcoming year.

Tom P.

You guys constantly impress us. You set the bar very high for the rest of us with the speed of your response. We are trying to be better but we have a ways to go if we want to catch up to Koolant Koolers. Thanks for the great support!

Bill S.

Your Dimplex staff takes note of the relationship we share and advises me of issues to ensure we receive the correct chiller every time. Consistently your staff is willing to listen to my concerns and work towards solutions not just in this most recent sale, but during price negotiations and for one warranty resolution service issue in the last seven years.

Preco Inc.

There are a lot of vendors selling chillers. But the support from Dimplex can’t be beat and the quality of the equipment is top notch.

Ajax Tocco

I wanted to thank you and everyone else for their help with this new chiller for our laser. We have installed it and the installation went very smoothly and it has been working flawlessly for a few months. The quality on the chiller we received was crated perfectly and is of world class! Thank you again.

Bruce P.

Your service team did a good job getting the issue resolved quickly.

Jennifer F.