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  • Arcadia Brewing

    Dimplex Thermal Solutions has been awarded the contract to build a custom process chiller for Arcadia’s new facility, currently under construction along Kalamazoo’s downtown riverfront area.

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  • Steve Cummings, P.E. has been promoted to President of Dimplex Thermal Solutions

    Steve Cummings, P.E. has been promoted to President at Dimplex Thermal Solutions. As such, Steve is responsible for the successful daily operations and profitability of this nationally recognized process chiller manufacturer.

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  • Dimplex Expansion Underway

    Big things are happening around the Kalamazoo-based, Dimplex Thermal Solutions facility these past few weeks. Ten days ago we broke ground on a $2.7M expansion project which will include a 35,000 sq. ft. expansion as well as renovations and upgrades to the existing facility.

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  • Dimplex Wins Catalyst Award

    Southwest Michigan First honored more than 50 regional companies, organizations and individuals during its 2013 Catalyst Awards ceremony. This event is designed to recognize significant contributions by community partners that have resulted in economic growth and job creation in Southwest Michigan.

    Michigan Chiller Maker Honored for Job Creation

  • DotMed – Medical Chillers

    As the economy begins to thaw, the medical chiller industry is heating up. From specialized 20 ton chiller units to 30 ton chillers that cool MRIs, the industry is buzzing with customers that can find specialized solutions for their individual needs.

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  • DotMed – Medical Chillers

    Medical chillers remove heat generated during the use of machines such as MRIs and CTs.

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  • Process Cooling

    Ryan Stockinger’s article on Demystifying RTD and Thermistor Differences published in Process Cooling.

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  • Press release on N+1 chillers

    Dimplex Thermal Solutions has developed a new line of chillers combining technologies advanced in redundancy and efficiency. By combining a N+1 concept with a multiple staged compressor system the most reliable and efficient chiller to date has been created.

    August Press Release

  • Featured in Kalamazoo Gazette

    Dimplex Thermal Solutions was featured in Process Cooling magazine highlighting our modular chillers. Modularity and multiple compressor chiller designs have become extremely popular and efficient in today’s push for ‘green’ cooling. Dimplex has made great strides in becoming an industry leading redundant chiller provider.

    Redundant Chillers Article

  • Featured in Kalamazoo Gazette

    A feature story on the tremendous growth experienced by Dimplex Thermal Solutions under the brands Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Engineering.

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  • Featured in Kalamazoo Gazette

    DTS was featured in local newspaper highlighting unprecedented growth in today’s economy. New business ventures and strong economic growth drew the attention of Michigan U.S. Rep. Fred Upton. Upton visited the Kalamazoo manufacturing facility on March 04, 2011.

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  • Completes Seismic Testing For Medical Industry

    Dimplex Thermal Solutions is in an elite class of medical cooling solution providers. Having completed seismic testing on our medical line of chillers we can assure our customer of the integrity of our products.

  • Interviewed by DotMed at RSNA

    Dimplex Thermal Solutions is North Americas largest chiller manufacturer for MRI applications. Our own medical specialist Kim Bernard explains Dimplex Thermal Solutions’ role in the medical market, as well as plans for expansion in the future.

  • Announces Opening Of New Test Station For Chillers

    Dimplex Thermal Solutions has recently completed the development and installation of new and innovative equipment for testing chillers in its Kalamazoo, Michigan facility. This station allows for comprehensive testing of a wide variety of chillers for function and capacity during production. It provides highly detailed and accurate monitoring of refrigerant superheat, subcooling, and discharge temperatures under a wide range of simulated operating conditions. This state of the art equipment is one of the most sophisticated testing stations of its kind.

    In order to maximize the value of this test station to our customers, Dimplex Thermal Solutions will consolidate all US production of chillers made under the Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Chillers brands to our Michigan facility where significant investments are being made to improve the quality, performance, and efficiency of our chillers and our production processes.

    Dimplex Thermal Solutions is part of the Glen Dimplex Group, one of the largest manufacturers of chillers in this segment and the world’s largest electrical heating business, with annual sales of over $2.0 billion.