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With experience in quality and a history in cooling solutions, Dimplex Thermal Solutions is your ultimate provider. Our quality equipment is made to last.

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Dimplex Thermal Solutions is involved in many industries including: lasers, plastics, machine tool, healthcare, food and beverage, electronics, and government projects. See why thousands of customers recommend Dimplex for their cooling needs!

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Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Dimplex Thermal Solutions was formed in 2006 by combining two premiere chiller manufacturers with over a century of experience Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Engineering. Under the brands of Koolant Koolers and Schreiber Chillers, Dimplex Thermal Solutions continues to provide both custom and standard chilling solutions for a variety of market segments and applications.

Through a cooperative effort with our German-based sister company, Riedel, Dimplex Thermal Solutions brings a broad range of products, services and 24-hour support to the global market as well. Riedel is internationally recognized as a specialist for liquid cooling and air conditioning, providing yet another level of support and capability to our clients, a benefit particularly important to our multinational customers.

As part of the Glen Dimplex group of companies, Dimplex Thermal Solutions offers the agility of a small company and the financial stability and depth of an actively involved corporate parent. Founded in 1973, Glen Dimplex is now the world’s largest electrical heating business and holds significant market positions in the domestic appliance industry worldwide. With annual revenues in excess of $2.0 billion euro, the group employs more than 10,000 people across four continents.

Our Brands

Koolant Koolers
Koolant Koolers

Koolant Koolers offers a variety of sizes ranging from a 1/8 of a ton to 1000′s of tons of cooling, with custom designs for virtually every cooling application. In fact, Koolant Kooler’s can build a system to cool virtually any liquid, in any equipment, to any specification. The industrial environment has always been hard on equipment. Oil, mist, dust, heat and 24-hour-a-day operation place severe demands on cooling systems. This is why Koolant Koolers has always engineered and built their custom cooling solutions with heavy duty construction, reliable components and quality workmanship. OUTSTANDING CHILLERS. EXCEPTIONAL VALUE.

Schreiber Chillers
Schreiber Chillers

When your process or equipment requires standard solutions from 1/8th to 20 tons of cooling, Schreiber Chillers has the solution to meet your needs. With years of field experience, these units are built for a wide range of applications and operating environments with the most reliable and rugged components available. This combines with years of engineering experience and quality control, ensuring your chiller will last for many years. Standardization allows Schreiber quality products to reach your facility in less than 10 days, creating the catchphrase CHILL IT NOW.

Riedel North America
Riedel North America

Riedel is a global enterprise in process cooling solutions with major customers in varied industries across the globe. With particular expertise in lasers, automotive and medical, Riedel is known for their quality product and global capabilities.

Other Glen Dimplex Brands

Locally Formed, Worldly Known

Dimplex Thermal Solutions is a leading provider of cooling solutions in a variety of industries and applications.

A company founded on experience and knowledge, our employees are trained to create quality machines that surpass expectations.

Looking for the applications that Dimplex Thermal Solutions services? Check out our markets overview to see our particular expertise in your industry.

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